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Introducing: The Field Trip Adventures


"Bog Escape" is a series of field trips that the Burns Bog Conservation Society has designed specifically for your students. It is a blend of your classic escape room (where groups use their wits to puzzle their way out of a room) and an outdoor adventure. Your class will work together to solve educational puzzles and complete their mission while getting their daily exercise in the unique outdoor venue of Burns Bog.

We'd love to have your class attend this year!  This is the first of our field trip adventures. This bilingual (French-English) adventure is designed for grades 8-10.

We'd love to have your class pilot this for us!  This pilot is designed for grades 8-10.

Does your class have what it takes to catch up to Alexander Mackenzie?

It’s 1793, and your students have earned a spot in Alexander Mackenzie’s team on their expedition across the Rockies to the West Coast.  Unfortunately, your students have slept in on the first day of the journey! Now the expedition has left without them!  Mackenzie trusts that your students are smart enough to stay close behind by following the clues he’s left along his path.  Your students must gather their supplies and use their wits to solve puzzles so they can catch up with the team and be a part of history.

"Bog Escape: Unlocking the West" explores:

  • Canadian history and the development of the west
  • Outdoor knowledge and environmental education
  • First Peoples knowledge and territories
  • Logical thinking and problem solving

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PILOT PROJECT: We need to fill all our spots to ensure continued funding. This year we are offering a special promotional price of $100 per group of 30 students.

You will be invoiced by the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Payment is due within 30 days of event. Payment can be processed online (via credit card below).