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Can you escape?

Bog Escape merges two things that we’re passionate about: Escape rooms and the great outdoors.

Invite your family and friends to step outside to solve a series of puzzles while discovering the mystery of Burns Bog.


Pixie Tricks

July 13-16


A stroll in the bog proves to be more of a challenge than you expected. You’re on the pixies’ turf now, and they’re tricky! Work together to find your way, lest the pixies lead you astray.

Prove Your Innocence

July 27-30


Accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and with your trial starting in only one hour, you must break out of jail, collect the evidence, and prove your innocence, or give up your freedom forever.


Aug 18-20


As Merlin’s apprentices, you’re the first ones called upon when Merlin goes missing. Can you navigate this magical land, using everything he’s taught you, and rescue him before it’s too late?

Post-Apocalyptic Panic

Aug 24-26


In a post-apocalyptic world, your ventilation system is in need of repairs. You must gather supplies, and replace the faulty parts before this new world leaves you breathless.

Bog Escape is run by the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

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